Spacious and well-ventilated rooms that expresses the thoughts and emotions and imaginations of the students through an array of speaking -walls. Its space is shared by the student version of knowledge imparted by the teacher.


 A small readers room with a range of story books, reference books, encyclopedias, for dreamers of different age groups.  A room full of inspiring minds and lives that is maintained with active participation by students very religiously in their after- class hours and fixed Library periods.

Computer Lab

A fairly equipped computer lab with sufficient number of computers. Internet connection, printers and scanners complete the lab facility that help the students to enrich their computer skills with a once a week practical session.

Science Lab

A well equipped Science lab with all the necessary materials for Physics, Chemistry and Biology divided into two sections.


 A cozy spot bang in front of the school allows our little ones to stretch their legs and live their ‘run-dreams’ in this space-starved Sakinaka, while their seniors live on their dreams by participating in their sports feats on the very ground and by practicing for their Interschool events.

This ground is alive with talents and spirit during Annual days and Bal-Melas that transform this space into an auditorium and carnival-space .

Other aspects of the Curriculum

*Scholarship exams and training

*Training for Elementary and Intermediate Drawing exam

* Guidance for Homi Bhabha exam

* Training for Interschool events